Culture trip from Finland! #2 || 18.2.


I was been skiing today with my mom, dad and dog! I have amazing photos for you. Photos from the inside of Finland!:) Okay, this post is not only photogallery, so I will tell you about Finlands winter. Yeah, winter is usually snow in Finland, but in the last two years there was no snow.Depressed, because at least Christmas would be snow.Otherwise Santa will not be able to come in ... But that's a real Santa Claus never coming to us.This year, snow was Christmas.It's a lot, about 70-80cm!Here the winters are also very cold.Today was -10 degrees frost, but it is still quite a bit.On average, frost in Finland is -15 to 25 degrees!
What are we doing in the winter?In my opinion, the most fun is to fall on a hill that is a bit frozen so it slip quickly.I love skiing because it gets out of the dark thoughts and it's really physical!Only a handful of Finns consider skiing.However, ice skating on your own ice is something incredible!Beautiful snowy landscapes around and ice r…

New hobby! || My social medias || 16.2.2018

Heyy all!

Yesterday I got new thing. I was been skiing with my cousin. I have watched the Olympics, specially biathlon! I want to be next Marit Björgen (No) or Kaisa Mäkäräinen (Fi). I've had dreams, I want to be good skier! Anybody else don't believe me, but the most important thing is that I believe in myself. At the moment I really believe in myself! Have you ever had big dream? (I think everyone have had some dreams!) That is my feels now!

Okay then I want to tell about my social medias! I have now Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

Snapchat: @plaininspirati
Instagram: @plaininspirationalblog
Twitter: @plaininspirati1

Okay, I hope you can follow at least one of these :) I don't have anymore things like that, so see you tomorrow, I think I do Culturetrip from Finland #2! What do you think about that? :)

You're always in my mind,

Inspirational girl Xxx

Happy Valentine's day! || 14.2.


So, today is Valentine's day! Did you do anything special with your friends or boy/girlfriend?I myself spent a Valentine's Day at the hospital, unfortunately I was not going to go my charity work, but I was in my heart studies.If you want to know why, say it, because then I can write a storytime for you! 
Friends mean a lot to me!In my opinion, real friendship today is really difficult to achieve.I have one very good friend.I know everything about him and he knows everything about me.We are like earth and heaven, we complement each other.We will not give gifts to each other as the words are more meaningful if you stand behind them.When we see, we do nothing more special, for only being together is enough.I'm reallyhappy to possesssuch afriend!I wanted to show you how meaningful little things are in friendship. She probably will not read this as anyone other than my mom does not know about this blog, but I know she knows I love her!
I really wish you would com…

How's YOUR day? :3 || 13.2.2018

Good afternoon all!<3

I sent today my first application. I'm really excited! However, in Finland it is very difficult to get to summer jobs ... I just have to stay confident and hopeful! 
Guess what I would like to be from my profession as an adult? I want to be a blogger and a cop, yeah! :D (And a charity worker of course!)
Btw, do you remember my weekly schedule of exercise from my previous post (about two weeks ago)? I've managedto abide by it! NOW i'm proud of me! :D This weekend I skied a total of about 30 kilometers!!
I've never heard of how you are going or who you are (except for a few) so it would be nice to hear what age this reads, or whether there are more girls or boys here! I would like to hear it all who read this, so I challenge you now!Do we receive as many comments as impressions? :)

Kerttu xxx 

P.s. Tomorrow is Valentine's day!<3